Former Olympic cycling champion vows to take back streets from motor traffic as head of Active Travel England

Former Olympic champion Chris Boardman, who won gold in the velodrome at the 1992 Games and raced in the Tour de France, has been named as the head of Active Travel England.

As well as bike paths on main roads, Active Travel England will set out standards for schemes intended to reverse the increasing dominance of motor traffic on smaller roads.

Walking and cycling is the foundation of any sustainable transport system. You can encourage people to change all you like, but when it still takes bravery to cross a street, then people are going to drive,” he said.

This a link to the news article.

It’s coming! Devon Stage of the Tour of Britain!

Get the date in your diary : Monday 6 September 2021 : and get to your preferred viewpoint somewhere along the 115 mile-long route because it’s going to be spectacular!

The race will start in the new town of Sherford (outside Plymouth) and go around the South Hams then up to Tavistock, across Dartmoor and finish in the city of Exeter. With 3 hill climbs and 3 sprints it’s sure to be action-packed.

check it out on

Sustainable South Brent

So chuffed to be working in partnership with Sustainable South Brent on Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival summer cycling events programme. They do so much more than promote and facilitate cycling in their community. Click HERE for their promotion for the 3 DARTMOOR TOWNS CYCLE RIDE on Sunday 15 August 2021, and whilst you’re there, have a look at all their other initiatives and events!

Cadover Bridge Cycle Ride

People are loving the Bike Bus! It transports cycle riders in a minibus, and their bikes on a trailer, up onto parts of the higher moor of Dartmoor National Park (where really only expert or experienced cyclists ride to, because going ‘up’ really is uphill, many hills!). So the Bike Bus drops off the riders in the most scenic areas and the group cycles back to the starting point, mainly downhill. Fab!

On Saturday 31 July 2021 the Bike Bus is going to collect riders from Buckfastleigh and from South Brent, then take them up to Cadover Bridge, in the Plym Valley above Lee Moor.

So far the weather has been kind, and the thunderstorms haven’t interferred with some great cycling and days out.

Pick-ups: 9am in Buckfastleigh (Victoria Woodholme Car Park), or 9.40am in South Brent (Palstone Park). The Bike Bus transport and cycle ride is FREE!

It’s a group, social, bike ride and is not off-road or competitive. You do not need to be an expert cyclist and it will be led at an easy pace; however, you should have good level of fitness and stamina.

It’s approx. 10 miles from Cadover Bridge to Ivybridge, with a few hills. Participants may then opt to return on the Bike Bus from Ivybridge Station to be dropped off in either South Brent or Buckfastleigh, or cycle the additional 5 miles from Ivybridge via Glazebrook to return to South Brent, plus the further 5 miles via Harbourneford if returning by bike to Buckfastleigh.

As this page is being published, there are still a few places left, so be sure not to miss out! Book on Eventbrite.

Dartmoor is awesome!

If you have visited Dartmoor National Park in Devon, or just seen jaw-dropping pictures, you will probably agree that Dartmoor is one of the UK’s finest landscapes. It is an unique place rich in history, natural habitats, commanding tors and river valleys and a diversity of wildlife including many rare species. In short, it is AWESOME!

And exploring Dartmoor by bike is even more awesome! (as well as environmentally friendly)

Cycle South Dartmoor is proud to support the BIG BIKE REVIVAL’s first local cycle ride of the summer – a BIKE BUS RIDE that takes riders in a minibus and their bikes on a trailer from South Brent and Buckfastleigh onto the higher moor, for a group cycle ride starting from Combestone Tor (near Venford Resevoir) returning to Buckfastleigh and on to South Brent.

The ride will include stops at Holne Church, Holne Community Shop and Hembury Hill Fort for a picnic lunch and a short talk from former Natural History Museum’s Head of Entomology, Malcolm Scoble.

This social cycle ride is on Saturday 24 July 2021 from 9am-2pm and it is FREE to residents of TQ10 and TQ11. It is subsided by support and funding from national and local organisations, and delivered by Be Buckfastleigh in partnership with Sustainable South Brent.

Places are limited and to take part you must book, either on EVENTBRITE or by contacting Be Buckfastleigh direct.

Book time to learn from a cycling pro

The second in a series of BIG BIKE REVIVAL summer cycling events has been announced: LEARN HOW TO FIX & MAINTAIN YOUR BIKE. The Big Bike Revival is all about helping everyone and anyone to begin or return to cycling.

This is your chance to book one or more FREE sessions with an ace bicycle mechanic to learn the important fundamentals from the experts, and pick up useful skills. BOOK ON EVENTBRITE or drop in to Be Buckfastleigh at ‘The Living Room’, 55 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh, and ask them to book a place for you.

Be sure to book in advance to join any, or all, of these free, small group sessions being held at Victoria Park, Buckfastleigh from 10am-2pm. If you can, please bring a bike; preferably your own bike! : )

  • 10 am -10.45 am: Tyres & punctures: tyre sizing, replacement & removal, puncture repair.
  • 11 am-12.30 pm: Drive & gears: chain fixing & maintenance, how gears work & their maintenance.
  • 1 pm -1.45 pm: Brakes: adjustment & maintenance of your brakes.
  • 1.45 am -2 pm: Quick questions: session with two bicycle mechanics.

The Buckfastleigh event is for anyone living in TQ11 who would like to learn how to fix or maintain their bike, especially those who are not regular riders, or who might otherwise not be able to afford the cost of cycle repairs. The South Brent event is for anyone residing in TQ10 postcode area.

Come say hello and see what’s happening locally. Because part of the summer programme will be a series of group cycle rides every Saturday for the rest of July and throughout August – for people of all cycling abilities, and to join up the communities of Buckfastleigh and South Brent.


Cycle South Dartmoor is supporting the BIG BIKE REVIVAL because we as a project group want to make cycling accessible to everyone, to encourage people who don’t cycle to have a go and to encourage people to cycle more often. As our aim is to establish safe, accessible cycle paths for users of all ages and abilities, that connect Dartmoor and rural communities.

This FREE ‘Learn How to Fix & Maintain Your Bike’ workshop and other BIG BIKE REVIVAL events throughout the coming summer are possible through the funding and support from:

Big Bike Revival + Dr Bike : Launch events!

We are excited to announce a summer of Big Bike Revival cycling events starting with two launch dates: 3 July in Buckfastleigh’s Victoria Park, and 4 July at South Brent’s ‘The Rec’ Palstone Park. Big Bike Revival is all about helping everyone and anyone to begin or return to cycling.

Book a free Dr Bike session with an ace cycle mechanic for a Safe Cycle Check…wheels, brakes, gears, tyre pressure, lights, pedals & more!

Do you have a ‘previously loved’ pair of wheels and want to get into cycling again for your health and wellbeing? Has your bike been collecting dust for a while and you want to feel safe getting back in the saddle? Maybe your child has an old or secondhand bike that you want to be sure is safe to ride or use at the skate park?

Bring your bicycle to Victoria Park, Buckfastleigh on Saturday 3 July for a Free Bike Safety Check at Dr Bike. We are launching a summer of cycling events: BIG BIKE REVIVAL including a Dr Bike workshop.

Do come along, but it’s best to book your slot in advance on Eventbrite or contact Be Buckfastleigh. The event will open 10.00am and finish 2.00pm.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who live in Postcode Area TQ11, of all ages and cycling abilities, especially those who are not regular riders, or who might otherwise not be able to afford the cost of cycle repairs.

The session may include small repairs to your bike depending on what it needs and if parts are on hand, to make sure your bicycle is safe to ride.

Because this is the launch of the BIG BIKE REVIVAL there will be other organisations with information about cycling. Please come along to find out how cycling locally can be fun, safe and rewarding.

We are able to offer this Dr Bike workshop and more BIG BIKE REVIVAL events throughout the coming summer thanks to support and funding from. Click on the name of the organisations below to find out more about them: 

The next BIG BIKE REVIVAL event in Buckfastleigh will be Sunday 18 July, Victoria Park, Buckfastleigh: Learn How to Fix & Maintain Your Bike. 

If you follow Be Buckfastleigh on Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or sign up to their Newsletter, they will let you know when bookings open for this workshop. Just click on one of the links below:






French ‘cash for clunkers’

Under a newly proposed scheme, French citizens will be offered €2,500 (the equivalent of about £2,174) toward the purchase of a new electric bicycle. The goal is to replace old, inefficient gas-powered vehicles with zero-emission electric bicycles and help reduce transportation-based carbon emissions. French lawmakers have approved the measure in a preliminary vote. The thinking is that a better solution to address travel-based carbon emissions is not just to make cars greener, but to also reduce their number. Click HERE for the article.

e-BIKES have potential for greatest impact in Rural areas

A recent study in May 2020 carried out by researchers at the University of Leeds has found that:

  • Electrically-assisted bicycles (e-BIKES), if used to replace car travel, have the capability to cut car carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in England by up to 50%. (about 30 million tonnes per year)
  • The greatest opportunities are in Rural and sub-urban settings. (City dwellers already have many low-carbon travel options, so the greatest impact would be on encouraging use outside urban areas.)
  • There is scope for e-BIKES to help people who are most affected by rising transport costs.

e-BIKE use has the potential to improve equity.

Rural areas have fewer public transport or alternative transport options to fit their travel needs. Due to distances between rural villages and towns and few safe cycle routes between them, and the often hilly landscapes in rural areas, walking and standard cycling are not always the best modes of transport to replace a high proportion of car travel.

However e-BIKES, compared with conventional cycles, have considerable range and enable cyclists of many different ages and abilities to tackle difficult hills and routes, thereby making e-BIKES a realistic alternative mode of transport for work, shopping, exercise, tourism, etc. to replace a large number of local car journeys in rural environments.

Policy makers need to move beyond the changes they think people would like and instead plan for a transport system which reduces its CO2 emissions as well as providing efficient, accessible mobility for all.

Diagram showing the hierarchy of different modes of travel according to environmental impact

Read the report here.

Here is a link to Cycling Week’s online review of the best electric bikes for 2020.