Cycle South Dartmoor has been set up to…

  • promote and work towards the improvement of cycling in the local South Dartmoor area covered loosely by the parishes of South Brent, Dean Prior, Buckfastleigh and Ashburton, and surrounding area.
  • support, promote and help educate local people to encourage increased use of bikes, both manual and electric assisted, as a means of sustainable transport and for improving health and enjoyment of leisure time.
  • promote and develop the area as a centre of excellence for cycling and cyclists, and encourage tourism and sports use to attract visitors and to grow the local economy.

The Cycle South Dartmoor project is working to:

  • develop safe, well-signed and mapped rural cycling and walking routes and infrastructure, paths and cycle hubs, in and around South Dartmoor,
  • link to and further extend existing cycling and walking infrastructure, and
  • encourage and promote cycling and walking as realistic and practical travel options for everyone regardless of age or ability.

The immediate objectives are to:

  • link together three South Dartmoor gateway towns – Ashburton, Buckfastleigh and South Brent – with each other, and
  • facilitate affordable and sustainable transport access to a key economic local market, one of Devon’s strategic growth areas – Newton Abbot (and on to Exeter) so as to support the economic development of these three peripheral Dartmoor towns.

Future objective:
Ideally cycling and walking infrastructure should be further extended to include connecting Ashburton/Buckfastleigh/South Brent to Ivybridge and with Totnes, another of Devon’s strategic economic development and growth areas. This would develop a truly beneficial local sustainable travel network on a scale that offers a realistic alternative to travel by fossil fuel powered vehicles.